We provide REST API with JSON output for earthquake data that is present in Seismi.

At the moment we don't have frequency limitations or api keys. Please use sparingly. We only refresh our caches every hour so it is pointless to call api more frequently.

Resource Description
GET /eqs Most recent earthquakes
GET /eqs/:year Most recent earthquakes in specified year
GET /eqs/:year/:month Most recent earthquakes in specified year and month
GET /totals Count of earthquakes by year/month
Parameter Description
min_magnitude Specifies minimum magnitude limit for results
limit Limits return count. (Default is 400, Maximum is 900)

Example query:

This returns most recent earthquakes that are bigger than 6 and that happened in March 2011.

Response Description
count Amount of earthquakes for request
earthquakes List of earthquakes (limited to 400 by default or to given 'limit' parameter)
    src Source station for earthquake data
    eqid ID of earthquake as it is provided by source
    timedate Time of the earthquake. (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)
    lat Coordinate of earthquake (23.0000)
    lon Coordinate of earthquake (176.0000)
    magnitude Magnitude of earthquake in Richter scale (6.8)
    depth Depth of earthquake in km (315.40)
    Region Region info as provided from USGS (eastern Honshu, Japan)